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Element: Water
Voice: Dawn M. Bennett social_twitter.png social_facebook.png images/social_youtube.png
Past Roles: Ritsuka Tachibana (Dance With Devils), Frosch (Fairy Tail)

Lilac is believed to be the last water dragon in existence. She is known for her unique fighting style of cutting through foes with her twin ponytails. She was trained at a young age by the Red Scarves, but left their ranks in order to find her place in life. Although she has grown more reserved throughout her battles, she still has a big heart and will jump at the chance to help her friends.



Element: Metal
Voice: Andi Lott social_twitter.png
Past Roles: --

Carol is a snarky wildcat who ran away as a kitten to join the Red Scarves: an underground thieves’ guild in Shang Mu. It was there that she met Lilac, and after a brief rivalry, became her best friend. Carol desires the simple things in life: lots of money, a massive house, a rockin' motorcycle, and worldwide fame. She has the motorcycle at least, so that's a start!


Element: Wood
Voice: Aimee Smith social_facebook.png images/social_youtube.png
Past Roles: Icari (Sunrider), Bernard's Wife & Villagers (Folk Tale)

This cheerful little pup was taken in from the wilderness by Lilac and Carol a few years ago. She has grown more independent since then and taken a strong interest in chemistry. By the power of alchemy, she can spawn phantom cubes that serve as the basis of her combat abilities. She can also brew special potions that aid the girls in their adventures.


Element: Earth
Voice: Ashlyn Selich social_twitter.png
Past Roles: Midge (Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse), Guest Star (Doc McStuffins)

As the trusted advisor of the Royal Magister, Neera Li enforces his will throughout Avalice and works tirelessly to protect Shang Tu from any threatening forces. She has a cynical view of the world and is unwelcoming towards newcomers, but will defend the few people she trusts to the death. Although she can use a variety of elemental weapons, she prefers her Frost Arts to capture criminals easily and non-lethally.


Element: Wood
Voice: Jason Lord social_twitter.png images/social_youtube.png
Past Roles: All Male Voices (Crystal Story II), Hurc (Hula Blade)

The people of Avalice could not believe that a group of kids brought down Lord Brevon, so the praise fell on Shang Tu's burly general instead. Ever since then, Gong has trained alongside Sergeant Askal so that he can live up to his people's expectations. He tries his hardest despite his self-doubt. Gong uses his trusty shield as a method of both offense and defense, a mode of transportation, and a musical instrument.


Element: Earth
Voice: Christopher Sabat social_twitter.png
Past Roles: Dragonball Z (Vegeta & Piccolo), One Piece (Roronoa Zoro)

As a half-mongrel, half-dragon from the southern islands, Askal was often ridiculed in the north for his mixed heritage. However, he took it as a personal challenge and spent his life training to become the strongest warrior in Avalice. Since the beginning, The Magister knew of his presence, but remained skeptical until Askal volunteered recently to help fend off the creatures attacking Shang Tu. He has since been promoted twice and is a current ranking member of Shang Tu's army.


Element: Earth
Voice: Edwyn Tiong social_twitter.png images/social_youtube.png
Past Roles: The Trapped Trilogy (Dan McNeely), Detective Grimoire (Detective Grimoire)

The Magister is the hereditary ruler of Shang Tu, the birthplace of Avalice. He is looked up to as the voice of wisdom by his people, and will do whatever it takes to ensure that his citizens are safe, even at the expense of his neighbors.


Element: Metal
Voice: Sean Chiplock social_twitter.png
Past Roles: Rash the Battletoad (Killer Instinct), Rean Schwarzer (Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel)

Dail is the current ruler of Shuigang, a small rustic kingdom in the north. His father was murdered brutally by an alien invader named Lord Brevon, who then proceeded to brainwash Dail and use him to incite civil war between the three kingdoms of Avalice. Luckily, Brevon's plans were thwarted, and Dail's life was saved by his younger brother Spade. With his mind restored, Dail inherited his father's duties as king.


Element: Wood
Voice: Alejandro Saab social_twitter.png social_facebook.png images/social_youtube.png
Past Roles: Hercule (DEATH BATTLE!), Bolsito (Iridescent)

Mayor Zao is the glorious leader of Shang Mu and living proof that big things come in fun-sized packages. Under his shamelessly rigged FAIRLY ELECTED democratic rule, Shang Mu has grown from a modest port city into a sprawling metropolis that makes the rest of Avalice look like the stone age. This is all due to Zao's charming charisma and has nothing to do with basic economics.


Element: Fire
Voice: Sean Chiplock social_twitter.png
Past Roles: Rash the Battletoad (Killer Instinct), Rean Schwarzer (Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel)

Although Spade is the brother of Shuigang's king Dail, he took a much different path in life by joining the Red Scarves alongside Lilac and Carol. While the girls left eventually, Spade remained and rose through the ranks to become one of their most reliable mercenaries.


Element: Wood
Voice: Josh Grelle social_twitter.png
Past Roles: Armin Arlert/Narrator (Attack on Titan), Sadao Maou (The Devil is a Part-Timer!)

He's the Defender of the Defenseless, the Red Wing of Justice, Captaaaaain Kalaw! When this beaked marauder isn't out rescuing Shang Mu's citizens from the clutches of evil, he trains in the city's Battlesphere: a massive arena where fighters, racers, and heroes from all over the world come to test their skills. In fact, he's the reigning champion!


Element: Fire
Voice: Lindsay Jones social_twitter.png
Past Roles: Ruby Rose (RWBY), Vanessa Kimball (Red vs. Blue)

Known more commonly as Cory, this daring pilot always looks for a reason to take to the skies, even if it means doing dirty work for less-than-savory clients. Her personal airship, the Sigwada, is packed with hundreds of smaller drone ships that can swarm and distract her targets while she makes off with the goods.


Element: Water
Voice: Morgan Berry social_twitter.png social_facebook.png images/social_youtube.png
Past Roles: Tokaku Azuma (Riddle Story of Devil), Jacqueline (Show By Rock!!)

Merga is a ruthless water dragon from the distant past who was bioengineered to be the perfect warrior. When her crystal prison is destroyed, she continues her quest to resurrect the ancient superweapon Bakunawa and unleash vengeance upon the three kingdoms. Little does she know that another water dragon still exists in the present day...


Element: Metal
Voice: Sarah Anne Williams social_twitter.png
Past Roles: Jinx (League of Legends), Nonon Jakuzure (Kill La Kill)

Whenever this little tarsier is asked for his name, he just screams. Nobody knows if that's his real answer or if he just likes messing around. In any case, the bug-eyed chimp has a near-psychotic obsession with engineering and enjoys building and piloting all sorts of crazy contraptions. Could he have something to do with the wave of robot attacks plaguing the three kingdoms?


Element: Metal
Voice: Jason Lord social_twitter.png images/social_youtube.png
Past Roles: All Male Voices (Crystal Story II), Hurc (Hula Blade)

General Serpentine failed to escape Avalice after the defeat of Lord Brevon. He retreated into hiding and spent the next two years rebuilding his robotic arms. He now broods in a hidden location, waiting for his chance to escape the planet and reunite with his master at last.


Element: Earth
Voice: Victoria Vitti social_twitter.png
Past Roles: Amazon Class (Hero Siege), Miiruvo (Infinifactory)

Cordelia was the princess of Shang Tu over a century ago. The history books say little about her, but she seems to have a mysterious connection to Merga and Bakunawa. Perhaps the Royal Magister has the answers?

BIRD GUARD (Name Unknown)

Element: Wood
Voice: Stephen DiDuro social_twitter.png
Past Roles: Weh (Weh)



Element: Water
Voice: Victoria Vitti social_twitter.png
Past Roles: Amazon Class (Hero Siege), Miiruvo (Infinifactory)

This drone was discovered by Lilac in the mysterious Pangu Lagoon several years ago. Its memory harbors a collection of data left behind by the ancient dragons of the Before Time. It can create holographic projections of various creatures, and now uses this function as a training aid in the royal palace.


Voice: Christopher Guerrero social_twitter.png
Past Roles: Gecko Moria (One Piece), The Narrator (Toriko)

Do you love carnage and destruction? Do you want to witness Avalice’s greatest fighters duke it out in the comfort of your living room? Look no further than the Battlesphere in glorious downtown Shang Mu! Tune in every week for maximum carnage!!!

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